How Long Is The RES Course? (Updated for 2022)

Updated: Mar 19

How long is the RES Course?
Find out more about the different RES courses available for aspiring real estate agents!

Hello aspiring real estate agent!

You might be wondering which RES course provider is the best and whether the express or normal course duration suits you better.

I know.. I've always been asked this question since there are so many course providers and types of courses to choose from.

In this article, I am going to list all the common variations of the RES course from the major RES course providers in Singapore.

We will be comparing their costs, durations, intensity and locations of lessons so that you can decide which one suits your schedule and lifestyle the most.

The great news is there's a course for everyone whether you are a busy stay at home mum type, full-time employed staff or a frequent flyer who's only around half of the time.

Generally, courses range between 2 weeks to 19 weeks and run weekdays or weekends at a spaced out pace or an express pace.

Remember though that, CEA requires that you attend at least 75% of classes to qualify for the RES Exams. (Yes, they do take attendance at every lesson.)

Only by fulfilling the minimum attendance will you receive a RES Certificate of Attendance that is compulsory for your exams registration.

For those who are taking the course purely for learning sake and not taking the exams, the certificate isn't necessary unless you love collecting them! Yes, i know people like that.

Take note:

- All RES Course costs listed below do not include RES Exam fees.

- NTUC members can use UTAP subsidies to defray up to $500 of their RES Course and Exams costs.


Review of RES Courses

(By duration & intensity)

Hastor Property RES course

RES School: Hastor Property Training Academy