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Surround yourself with the Right People

Stuart Chng Group is one of the leading teams in Navis (Huttons) and consists of 15 divisions and over 600 real estate agents. 

We support one another closely and help each other achieve success and breakthroughs in our lives and incomes. 

On top of regular meet ups and trainings, our agents get together frequently to share their success secrets and motivate each other.

We believe that success is a journey best enjoyed together and work hard to enable our people to succeed along with us. This, to us is meaningful work.


To Work With The Right Company Is One Of The Greatest Blessings In Life

RES Course Real Estate Salesperson


In SCG, we frequently hold sharing sessions chaired by different leaders and producers to learn up-close how we can improve and fine-tune our property agents' skills and capabilities. Whether it is financial calculationspresentation and closing skills or creating leads generation funnels, tap on the collective wisdom of proven top property agents and leaders to accelerate your learning curve!

OrangeTee & Tie RES Course Real Estate Salesperson


In SCG, we adopt world-class methodology from proven global institutions such as Gallup, Landmark Forum & other Neuro-Linguistic Programming organisations to help you increase your level of self-awareness, appreciation of your strengths and those of others, and discover what is holding you back from achieving your fullest potential.

OrangeTee & Tie RES Course Real Estate Salesperson


On top of our weekly NAVIS trainings, in SCG, our real estate agents get access to exclusive division level mentorship and do-it-together prospecting sessions that explores further in-depth on various topics from Property Wealth Planning, conducting Zoom consultations, branding, social media marketing, copywriting and design, to creating leads generation funnels with search engine optimisation and marketing techniques.