Which Property Agency Is Most Suitable For You? Are They All The Same?

Updated: Mar 19

which agency should i join after passing my RES exam
What factors should you look out for when searching for a real estate agency

Which property agency should I join after passing my RES exams?

If you've passed your RES exams, CONGRATULATIONS! It wasn't easy getting through and you deserve a pat on the back for the commitment and hard work you've put in!

The next step is to select an estate agency to join. Not all agencies are the same and all have their pros and cons.

At this moment of writing, the top 5 real estate agencies are Huttons, OrangeTee & Tie, ERA, Propnex and SRI. (Data source: CEA)

List of largest real estate agencies in Singapore 2021
List of the largest real estate agencies in Singapore. Is bigger always better?

As a new agent, you might be wondering what are the differences among the agencies, whether it is a case of "the bigger the better", and it is understandably tedious to research all of them one by one.

After all, as a new agent, you are raring to go but will not be able to discern the REALLY IMPORTANT platforms versus the "Good to have but unimportant" ones that each agency promotes.

After being in this industry for more than 15 years, I have learnt about what really counts in selecting the right real estate agency to join and who I choose to associate myself with.

I started out my career thinking that a big local brand or MNC real estate consultancy brand were important as more people would have heard of and know of them.

It is true. At first.

But never is the agency's brand more important than the person that you are and the value you bring.

If I may distill my experience to the essence of what I wished I knew when I first started out, these will be the 4 main points. Hope it helps you gain clarity in your decision making.

real estate leaders singapore
The right folks around you will help you be congruent with your philosophy in life and business!

1st, Quality of people you work with

So, I came to realise within less than a year that no customer asks or talks very much about the property agency I was with; and it never was the reason whether I secured an exclusive listing or not.

Fast forward 9 years after I began my