Just Passed Your RES Exams? 4 Steps That Will Help You Succeed Fast

Passed your RES Exams? 4 Immediate Steps to take to soar in your career
Passed your RES Exams? 4 Immediate Steps To Soar In Your Real Estate Career.

Congratulations on passing your RES exams!

Completing the course and exams weren't easy but no matter how hard it was for you to pass – brace yourself.. the next part will be even harder.

You might even be directionless on the exact steps to take next.

Or you are the gung-ho type, you might want to just hit the ground and start running.

Real estate can be your golden opportunity but you need to treat it as a business.

Your business. And like any business – ups and downs will happen.

Importance of Creating a Business Plan & Taking Action

The number of appointments you make will directly correlate to your future transactions.

You will need to formulate on your sales & marketing plan.

1) Decide On Your Goals

As an agent, your commissions is directly based on the transactions you handle.

If you decide to earn $500,000 in commission, you can directly derive the number of transactions that you need to do to hit that goal.

Work backwards and break down the steps into smaller steps.

So what transactions will you go after? Buy, sell or rent?

Getting more listings is a common strategy. A well-marketed quality listing can build and grow interest.

You get interested buyers. You might also get interested sellers who are impressed by what you do.

And interest can also result in both buyers and sellers getting into the picture – and slowly building up your network.

Focus on the right segment. Generalization may be your worst enemy in real estate.
Focus on the right segment. Generalization may be your worst enemy in real estate.

2) Decide your target segment & be aware of the challenges

It is very easy to obsess over these questions and then fail to take action.

Do not fall into this trap. Be decisive and commit to taking the first few steps.

The key questions to ask yourself:

Who will you go after?

Do you plan to serve primarily buyers or owners?

Do you plan to attract landlords or tenants?