Huttons Property Agent Career Path 2022

Updated: Aug 10

An exciting and rewarding real estate career path awaits when you join Huttons Group 

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Choose a sales or leadership path or even a hybrid of both.

A real estate career with Huttons begins with you embarking on a sales path with the possibility of embarking on rewarding leadership and management roles.

In this era of real estate, the choice is entirely yours to pursue your passions.

You may choose to focus entirely on real estate sales, on leadership, team building and training roles, project IC roles or even a hybrid of all.

A focus on sales means your income is derived from brokering property transactions.

The typical property agent's career path begins by focusing on pure sales in a selected segment like HDB, new launches, resale condominiums, landed or commercial properties.

Experience in sales and the multiple facets of our industry such as leads generation, negotiations, prospecting, recruitment, marketing and client portfolio management sets you up for a future career in management and team building.

A career path in team building is optional and some agents choose to focus purely on sales for the entire lifespan of their careers.

A focus on leadership & management means your income is derived through team building, mentoring agents and business management.

​In leadership and management roles, you will begin recruiting and training agents on the skill sets and systems that you have developed over the course of your sales career.

No one steps into a leadership and management role fresh from taking their RES exams and it takes time to hone a wide breadth of skills necessary to coach and mentor others.

For some, it is a natural extension of their passions in teaching and they may find team leading far more satisfying and meaningful than a pure sales career.

For this, there is no right or wrong path.

Only what feels most natural and appeals to you as everyone has different strengths and passions.

I have personally witnessed ex-teachers who became great sales people but were most engaged and fulfilled in their roles as trainers and mentors to their team.

The benefits of a management career is how it creates something akin to a semi-passive income as you get paid for every deal done by your team.

As such, you could be on a month long holiday and still be paid daily without any direct sales done by you.

That said, it does not mean there's little work involved (Why I call it semi-passive).

A great team leader is require