5 Revision Tips To Pass The RES Exams on Your 1st Try

How to pass RES Exams
Looking for a more certain way to pass your RES exams on the 1st try? Read on.

Your first objective in the real estate business is not to close that million dollar deal, but to pass the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Exams and get your real estate licence.

The RES exams are an entrance examination for aspiring property agents to begin their real estate career.

Under the Council of Estate Agency’s (CEA) regulatory framework, it is a must for potential agents to pass the compulsory examination before any estate agency work is conducted.

This ensures that new realtors know the fundamentals of competency and knowledge of the real estate industry before handling what is possibly the biggest purchase of a person’s lifetime.

If you are familiar with the exam framework, the papers consist of mostly multiple choice questions which may sound easy, the failing rate is pretty high.

That said, there are still candidates who pass it on the 1st attempt by attending our RES Exam Revision Tutorials and practicing on mock exam papers (Instructions on how to get them below).

Here are some study tips that can help you get prepared for the exams!

1. Attend All Lessons and Focus On Your Study Materials

Pass RES Exams Mock Paper Tips

Who says being a real estate agent just requires great selling and communication skills.

The amount of information that a real estate agent needs to know is overwhelming.

We need to learn about URA, HDB, BCA and Ministry of Law regulations, policies and many other jargons and formulas.

Therefore, it is important to attend all the lessons of the RES course diligently to learn and understand the real estate industry better.

Pay attention and take down all the important points highlighted by your course tutor.

You will also be given study materials such as guidebooks and mock examination papers to guide you along on the topics that you need to focus on.

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