How Much Capital Do You Need To Become A Property Agent In Singapore?

Updated: Jul 14

capital required to be property agent

There are more myths about this than there are about Yishun (which is a great neighbourhood, despite what you read online).

To clear it up, here’s a realistic look at what it takes – financially – to make the move into being a property agent:

What are the costs you will face?

Becoming a property agent has some similarities with starting your own business.

You will get to be your own boss; but that also means you need to deal with issues such as transport, marketing, your exam fees, and the ability to keep your business afloat for the first few months.

This requires careful budgeting, and you should plan for the move at least 12 months ahead (e.g. save money in preparation for the move).

The following are the costs to note:

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course: $700 to $800*