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top HDB property agent in singapore

Stuart is a responsible, helpful and highly efficient guy.

During this challenging Covid-19 period of time, we are still able to manage to sell our house within such a short period of time and at a very good price.


He also provided us with good guidance and advice on our next step in property purchases.


He is always ready to answer any of our queries.


We can tell from his advice that he is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field he is in.

We are grateful to have him helping us and would highly recommend him to family, friends and others for his services and dedication.

- Ray Zheng

Stuart had made the process of selling our house a breeze!

He gave us accurate information of the market and negotiated a higher price than what we expected!

I would recommend him to anyone that is looking at transacting their property! 👍

- Nick Goh

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hdb upgrading to private property

I had an honest and good chat with Stuart about my property upgrade dilemma.


He is really who he is from when I read his blog. Knowledgeable, experienced and able to provide a very honest and factual opinion of the property market.


He is also able to share different strategies one can take for their upgrading plan.


Really appreciate him taking his time to provide a free consultation without any sales pressure.

- Danny Lim


Stuart and Joanne were very professional and took the extra effort to address our concerns and enquiries, even bringing us to the site to help us decide which unit is suitable for us and is within our budget.


They have been very helpful and not pushy.


We are very thankful to have such great agents in assisting us with the purchase of our executive condominium. Thank u!

- Wang Jia Bang

property agent in singapore upgrading hdb
how to upgrade from hdb to condominium

When you think property market....think Stuart. Simple as that.


He provides information on every aspect of the buying and selling process so that you can make informed decisions.

- Saravanan K

Stuart has a strong understanding about the current property market situation.


He is well informed and is able to provide advice on hot spots and areas to avoid and different property classes to focus on.


He is a data driven and all inputs are backed by facts or numbers.

I truly learned a lot from him with several takeaways that I could action upon on within our 30 min Property Wealth Planning call.

- Ryan Pham

HDB property agent reviews
steps to sell hdb and buy private property

We got to thank Stuart, who helped us through our very first journey to upgrade from our HDB flat to an Executive Condominium.

We met up with Stuart in July 2018 to hear from him about the current market trend and he proposed to us what were the options that suits us for our upgrading intent.


Stuart is a very down to earth person with extremely good patience, meticulous, efficient and always strategises well when going through the process with us on house viewings.


We truly appreciate Stuart's sharing and experiences in his career in the property  industry. 

- Shu Xian and Chee Siang

We engaged Stuart in our recent sale of HDB flat.

He took time to discuss and plan our HDB flat sale using detailed analysis and in-depth market knowledge.


He was adamant in providing alternatives as well as an amazing keen listening ear to what we want and what is best for us.


He certainly played an important role in managing our expectations yet pursuing the best selling price during this down turn.


He kept our worries at bay through executing planned initiatives expeditiously.

Stuart was honest and professional in seeking worthy opportunities for us.


He had our interest at heart and we never looked back partnering with him in our sale of flat.


I would recommend Stuart if you are looking for a sincere property advisor who is experienced, prudent and competent.

- Rita Liew

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recommend property agent singapore

Super knowledgeable and answer all our queries.


Never make us felt we asked too much.


Never showed any impatience.


He is very humble and thoughtful.


Certain aspects we didn't thought of, he would know and advise accordingly.


Best agent!

- Elyse Foo

"Stuart is very responsive and responsible.


Remember that everything was done fast and smooth even during COVID circuit breaker.


On the day of transaction, our project was left with the last 3 units of our choice.


In order to secure a unit at a last minute, Stuart eventually helped to get the deal done including meeting using zoom with project authorised agency.


He also consistently kept us updated for our resale HDB progress and eventually managed to find a buyer for our flat within a month of COVID Phase 2 re-opening.


Not only providing us with valuable knowledge on the current property market but also on other property matters.


Truly a great man to trust with!"

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property wealth planning

I was confused, worried and anxious about selling my flat.

That's when I met Stuart, like a shiny beacon giving hope for a lost ship in the unknown ocean of property market.

He patiently listened to my situation and answered all my lengthy questions.

He explained all the relevant regulations and procedures clearly, which helped me get out of my dilemma.

What I really like about him is that he is honest & truthful. He helped me put things in perspective to make me understand the property market and achieve a realistic selling point. Even when I was losing hope, he encouraged & gave me confidence.

A trustworthy advisor is how I will describe Stuart. He has in depth knowledge and experience in the property business. He guided me throughout my transactions with great professionalism.

A highly recommended property advisor to anyone who needs consultation & honest advice!

Thank you Stuart!

Real estate agent singapore.png

Need help with your property investment plans, find out what are the best buys available today or finding a buyer for your property?


Get a 1-time free 30 min Property Wealth Planning consultation with Stuart and his advisory team.

Schedule one right now.


A PWP consultation includes:


- An in-depth financial affordability assessment and timeline planning

- Highly relevant investment insights

- A clear and customised investment road map

- A curated list of best buys in today's market with good growth potential & minimal risks

- Selecting units with the highest potential in a new launch project

- Help with marketing and getting a buyer for your property fast

- Has your property stagnated in price? What options do you have?​​

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