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  • Stuart Chng Property Agent Career
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On a personal level, Stuart is a mentor, encourager and a dear friend. On a group level, Stuart is a thinker, visionary and an analyst.

Through his leadership and unique gifts, together with the complementary strengths of other leaders, he has brought us to a new level as a property consultant, equipping us with a skill set to meet the challenges of today's competitive market.


I have learned so much from his Advisory Sales Masterclass training which is a must for every property agent. He also spends hours in research to keep us up to date with the latest market trends and the implications for agents. I am glad to be part of Stuart's team for the past 5 years!

Danny Han | Senior Associate Group Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top 5% Achiever 2018

Stuart has been my manager and division Director since the 1st day i joined the Real Estate Industry in 2007.


He has been pushing my limits from being a normal Salesperson to now a Division Director leading a team of 20+ real estate agents myself.


His thirst for knowledge is really superb and willingness to share trade secrets with all his agents has created a very open and healthy business environment for all of us.


He leads by example and will always be my business role model!

Calvin Koh | Associate Division Director

Stuart has been an amazing breath of fresh air to me and my team of property agents. 

His leadership style is genuine and sincere and he never hesitates to spend time with us to help us become better versions of ourselves. 

His advice and counsel has been invaluable towards helping me grow in my team building while continually attaining top achiever awards in OrangeTee & Tie. 

Thank you sooooooo much for everything! 

Carol Liew | Associate Division Director

Top Recruiter 3Q 2018

OrangeTee & Tie Top 5% Achiever 2018

I have come a long way with Stuart, more than 8 years through my real estate career.


He is my mentor since day 1 and will always stay the same.


I believe all real estate managers will be able to provide the same teachings and strategies but what makes Stuart different is his loving care and concern, going beyond just mentoring but to ensure our hearts are well taken care of.


He will also go the extra to motivate and encourage us to do much more and yet nurture our minds.

Jason Ang | Senior Associate Group Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top 16th Position Achiever 2018

Stuart, as a mentor, has an innate ability to identify and draw out a mentee’s hidden talents and abilities to help the person SHINE.


He also has a big heart to genuinely feel happy and celebrate someone’s success. His tender loving small eyes makes him a good shepherd 🤣 a fatal attraction.


He’s never proud, approachable and prays for his sheep. Good man!

Gary Goh | Senior Associate Group Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top 44th Position Achiever 2018

A man with forward thinking, embrace change and leads by example.


This man is none other than Stuart Chng, someone that is full of passion in his work & dedicates full time to his division and NLG.


The lighter side of him is a jovial & cheeky friend. It is indeed our privilege & honour having him steering my team & me towards greater heights and break out from our comfort zones.

Yap Boon Seng | Senior Associate Division Director

Jan/Feb Top 1st Position ADD 2019

More than 200% team growth in 12 months.

Stuart - My Coach, Mentor & Friend. 

As a coach he always equips the team with the best resources and training.

As a Mentor he is able to observe, listen, guide and push you to your next breakthrough in your career in real estate.


My personal breakthroughs in property sales is a result of his mentoring. 


As a friend, he is trustworthy & a fun guy to hang out with.

Ron Chong | Senior Associate Group Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top Achiever 66th Position

Since the start of my property career as a rookie agent, to a producer, team leader and to a District Director today, Stuart has been showing me the way.


In my rookie days, Stuart helped me in my first late night closing. He showed me why time is of the essence in closing a deal. The importance of understanding the client's needs and how negotiations should be carried out. These are the basic yet valuable skill sets which I have used and kept with me till today.


His selfless sharing has had a great impact on me. I learned how to be a great team leader from him and found out building a team can be fun and fulfilling at the same time. 


In short, he is a great friend, a trustworthy mentor and an inspiring leader!

Jackie Mang | Senior Associate Division Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top 5% Achiever 2019

Stuart is a very encouraging leader. He believes in our potential and always makes it a point to encourage and motivate us in a positive manner.


He is always ready to lend a listening ear whenever my agents and I approach him for advice.


Unselfishly, he ensures all of us are equipped with the knowledge on the property market trends and developments.


We are very grateful and happy to have him with us!

Lean Cheong | Senior Associate Division Director

OrangeTee & Tie Top 1st SADD Sept 2018

I am personally very inspired by Stuart. He is a man of great capacity and able to plan, run many trainings, events & yet has time for a one to one mentorship when one asks for it. 

Many times I have gone to him for advice and he has personally sat down to discuss and share insights with me.

Stuart is one person who has pushed me to do things beyond what I can see on the surface and believed that I have more potential for growth.

Because of him, I have seen great growth in areas I have never seen before and I have taken the challenge to start inspiring others through trainings too!


Thank You Stuart for believing in me!

Sherry Ang | Senior Associate Division Director

The Cheerful-est Leader in OrangeTee & Tie

I have known Stuart for only a short 2 years but it seems like we have been great friends for a decade.


The reason is because he is always so friendly and approachable and he takes great interests in the people around him.


Every time I’m with him, he never fails to amaze me with his never-ending energy and boundless knowledge. 


With his great attitude to his team and his peers, he will definitely be someone whom you want to be around with and he will be someone who motivates and pushes you to much greater heights. 

Jeffrey Heng | Senior Associate Division Director

NLG Training Director

Stuart belongs to a special breed of wonderful people.


When I first joined his team 7 years ago, I was blown away by how selflessly he shares his knowledge and resources.


Because of his leadership and astute sense of market, i manage to experience my first breakthrough in real estate as a young agent.


Being under his leadership for the past 7 years, I also observed that he is a keen observer of trends and is able to identify changing waves in the market and leads the team to ride the waves to handle the various challenges. 

I'm grateful to be under his leadership as over time, Stuart has proven himself to be more than just a skilful leader but also a good friend whom I know will always have our backs and help us in our journey to be better realtors and better people.

Chantel Teo Jia Min | Senior Associate Director

I’m very excited to bring my team over to join Stuart Chng And his Division in NAVIS OrangeTee.

Everyone extended a very warm welcome to us and we felt right at home very quickly.

Stuart is very forward looking and patient. He makes it a point to follow up on all our enquiries.


Besides encouraging us, he supports us whenever possible in every way he could.

Stuart has the hallmarks of an experienced and caring leader.


This is one of the reasons my Division and I made the right decision to crossover to join him.

Anthony Yeo | Senior Associate District Director

Stuart is knowledgeable, committed and most importantly, a sincere leader. It has been my great pleasure to come under his wing when our whole division exit from another agency to join him.

Stuart shows a genuine interest in his associates and has always shared his knowledge and skills to help us find success and gratification in our real estate career.

I am one of the beneficiaries of his unreserved sharing and mentoring.


Thanks Stuart, for being approachable, for having the ability to listen and most of all for investing your time in me.


My heartfelt gratitude to you for guiding me through concrete plans in which I can do better in my career. Thank you for journeying with me

Jacqueline Ng | Associate Group Director

Have always admired Stuart and his division from afar.


Having crossed path during our time in Savills and GoChina programme, I've found Stuart to be very dynamic, intelligent, empathetic and full of heart.


He's a master in marketing and branding.


Love what he's done with his East Living Group and subsequently Navis Living Group...


So much so I joined him two year ago!

Farrand Hey | Associate Deputy Group Director

Stuart is a humble and selfless leader. 

He's also an approachable guy who is willing to hear you out and guide you with the best advice and action plans. 

I am truly grateful to have a mentor like him to bounce ideas of often and help me succeed in my business.

Melvin Gan | Senior Associate Director

Stuart has been my close buddy and real estate mentor for many years.

I have great admiration for Stuart’s passion and energy in this business and how he has managed to influence so many of us positively!


He is constantly keeping in touch and training our agents with the right knowledge, mindset, skills and technology which are very much needed in this challenging business.

Truly a well respected leader, trainer and mentor!

Benny Poh | Senior Associate Group Director

Stuart is a very down to earth, approachable and humble leader who shares selflessly.

He is the kind that will make time to hear us out and guide us with the best he can.

It's great to have a mentor like him who continuously shares new ideas to push the team forward!

A truly inspiring, well respected and motivational leader who leads by example!

Darren Ong | Senior Associate Director

Ever since joining Stuart, I have discovered many new innovative ways to grow in my business.

I have also learnt a lot about how to build my business better with more scalability through his very hands-on mentorship.

In fact within a short span of 3 months of joining him, I’ve achieved so much more than before and am confident of breaking my personal best sales record this year.

Thank you Stuart and very happy to be in your team!

Rick Huang | Associate Deputy Group Director