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Updated: Mar 19

RES Exam Revision

Have you been searching for help in passing your RES exams quickly?

Do you feel that you are not ready to go into the examinations even after completing the RES course diligently?

In NAVIS Huttons, we know that passing both papers can be really hard (Especially for those of you who have left school since ages ago!) and we have been organizing regular free revision classes for RES exam takers.

Hopefully, by joining in our revision classes, you will be better prepared and increase your chances of passing on your 1st or next attempt!


Pass your RES Exams quicker with our highly curated mock exam papers and study notes
Pass your RES Exams quicker with our highly curated mock exam papers and support

Who are we and why are we doing this?

We are a team of real estate leaders and salespeople from NAVIS Living Group, a division of Huttons, comprising more than 1000 registered property agents in Singapore.

Since CEA was formed, we have had alot of friends, family and aspiring agents joining our team and registering for the course and exams.

It is however, not a walk in the park and many who were left on their own to study eventually gave up or lost the motivation to carry on after repeated attempts to pass the exams.

With many of us experiencing the same challenge of helping our close friends and family pass the exams, it became clear that there were synergies to arranging group classes, sharing our RES course study materials, mind maps and mock papers and having a trainer specialise on each topic rather than only scratching the surface of each one.

"As time passed, we realised the passing rates improved significantly and our friends enjoyed meeting new industry people too." - Stuart Chng

That was when there were calls to open up our sessions to the public so our friends could also invite their course mates along and help them pass sooner.

RES Course Exam Revisions
Yea, these are some of our leaders who are helping out with these sessions.