9 Skills You Will Need As A Property Agent In 2022

Updated: Mar 20

what skillsets do i need as a property agent
What skills would help you emerge as a top sales agent today?

When i first joined the real estate industry in 2006, property agents' tasks were pretty straight forward and did not involve as much technology and skill sets.

Fast forward today, with the rapid rise of technology, consumer savviness and Do-It-Yourself portals, many agents of yore struggle to keep up or have thrown in the towel and moved on to other industries.

This rapid change is observed to be especially pronounced in the real estate sales industry compared with the insurance or car sales industries.

So if you are reading this and considering a career switch, read on to find out whether you have these skill sets or are ready to develop these skill before jumping in.


Skill sets Required For A Real Estate Agent In 2022

There are several basic skill sets and characteristics a good sales person should have.

1. Good listener and communicator.

2. Patient and able to guide people through different stages of buying (Buying/selling high value and important assets can be an emotional journey).

3. Interested in people and a good relationship builder.

4. Endurance. Ability to overcome rejections and failures fast as you will still fail and get rejected many times even when you are the best.

5. Empathetic so you can put yourself in a client's shoes and come up with the best solutions for them.

6. Disciplined in carrying out your tasks without being pushed to.

7. Enthusiastic as people tend to be drawn to positive and enthusiastic people.

8. Great follow up skills as follow up is so critical to the sale process.

I won't elaborate much on these as these are common to all sales jobs.

Now, apart from these, a real estate agent today would do very well with these additional specific skills.

1. Tech savviness so you can create and maintain your customer database online through apps like Dropbox.com, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms etc.

You would also have to post real estate listings on the multiple marketing portals like Propertyguru.com.sg, 99.co, EdgeProp.sg and SRX.com.sg.

2. Good photography skills are a must have as you will be judged on your quality of work way before any clients contact you. Shoddy photos show a low standard of work and does not represent you well.

3. Good videography skills as videos are becoming the norm in how consumers view properties. You definitely can choose to engage an external vendor if costs are not an issue. Otherwise, having this skillset will be very helpful to your sales performance.

4. Riding on to the above would be video editing skills which are required to produce good quality videos.

5. Ability to speak on camera smoothly will be a great boost to business as people will view the properties you market with you as the guide. The familiarity effect will overtime endear you to people who have never met you before and provide you a stream of referral business. That is, if you do it well.