Should You Take Up A Real Estate Licence If You Only Plan To Do It Part-Time?

Updated: Mar 19

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Sounds like everyone is making big bucks in real estate sales these days.. Or is it just a case of survivorship bias?

Is it is a wise choice to take up real estate just to do it on a part-time basis?

The thought of joining the real estate industry can be tempting.

Real estate agents enjoy flexible hours, being your own boss (hurray to not having a bss breathing down your neck every now and then chasing you to meet sales quotas), meeting a network of interesting people, and of course, having no limits to your income.

A real estate agent’s income is based on commission.

One can typically earn a commission of 1-2% of the property price depending on the number of brokers involved, whether its a sales or purchase or the type of property.

Imagine closing a $5 million deal, 1% commission means you’ll be getting a $50,000 paycheck.

Sounds like a great deal isn’t it?

This is why some real estate agents get to drive expensive continental cars, dine at fancy Michelin starred restaurants and don designer watches and bags.

property agent salary and career
Will a real estate career bring you to your destination?

That said, not every month is smooth sailing.

There will be periods when the property market is bad. Then the idea of not closing any deals for the entire month and not getting a pay-check can be intimidating.

There’s also a possibility that you might go without income for months!

This is the main reason why a significant number of real estate agents out there remain part-time their entire career while keeping a day job or running a side business with a steady income flow.

real estate for part time property agents
A great team is an important ingredient for your success.

Many part-time estate agents face challenges when they first start out, which can result in a handful of them leaving the industry without making any meaningful income.

Being a part-time real estate agent does not necessarily mean you are less professional and you will earn lesser than a full-time real estate agent.

You can still be a professional in the real estate industry and make big bucks if you are committed and supported with the right training and platforms.

The key is in joining a right real estate agency and never allowing your part-time status to diminish your passion, knowledge and service to your clients.

There is nothing wrong with being a part-time real estate agent but if you aspire to be a successful one, here are a few things that you need to know.

1. You’ll Need To Spend Money First Before Making Money

cost of becoming property agent
Investing in your business is an important mindset shift to embrace.

To become a real estate agent, whether part-time or full-time, you’ll have to fulfill these requirements:

- Minimum 21 years old

- Minimum 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or equivalent (taken at not more than 2 sittings)

Then, you’ll first have to sign up for courses and apply for the necessary license.