Is It Possible To Be A Part-Time Real Estate Agent?

Updated: Aug 6

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Sounds like everyone is making big bucks in real estate sales these days.. Or is it just a case of survivorship bias?

Is it is a wise choice to take up real estate just to do it on a part-time basis?

The thought of joining the real estate industry can be tempting.

Real estate agents enjoy flexible hours, being your own boss (hurray to not having a bss breathing down your neck every now and then chasing you to meet sales quotas), meeting a network of interesting people, and of course, having no limits to your income.

A real estate agent’s income is based on commission.

One can typically earn a commission of 1-2% of the property price depending on the number of brokers involved, whether its a sales or purchase or the type of property.

Imagine closing a $5 million deal, 1% commission means you’ll be getting a $50,000 paycheck.

Sounds like a great deal isn’t it?