3 Lead Generation Principles For Singapore Property Agents

how to generate leads as a real estate agent
A strong lead generation ability is crucial in the real estate industry

The most common problem that agents face is the lack of leads to work on.

While knowledge, conversion and engagement skills after getting a lead are just as important, most times, realtors fail due to a lack of leads generation capabilities.

The truth is, in today's highly saturated market, there are too many tactics, strategies and choice of medium out there - we can simply be overwhelmed on where to start.

Traditionally there are offline strategies like telemarketing, flyers, bus ads, door-knocking, networking and roadshows that still work even in these times.

With digitalization, we have also witnessed an explosion of online strategies like online webinars, blogging, videos, social media ads, Tiktok videos and more.

The list is long and limited only by your creativity and bandwidth.

So, instead of being guided by "trending" tactics and tips, I feel that it is best to be guided by timeless principles that can solve your lead generation problems.

Here are 3 fundamental principles to guide you:

Lead Generation Principle #1: Outreach Volume

If you have a chat with any consistent top producers in real estate, what you will find is that they have solved the issue of achieving consistent leads flow and always have new listings or prospects to work with regularly.

Top achievers consistently put out more outreach volume than the average producer.

They reach out to more people at greater numbers and frequency, accelerating their experience and results within a given time frame.

Similar to the fail more, fail often concept, in experiencing more setbacks fast, they learn quicker through adaptation and repetition.

real estate branding and prospecting leads

It is possible, and I speak from my personal experience, that you reach a point of "mastery" - being able to anticipate all possible responses, scenarios, objections and questions that you will face in any circumstance.

You will be able to look ahead several steps and even anticipate how a response or non-verbal cue at one point in time, will bring up a potential question several minutes later.

Call it psychic. But it's not. It's just reflex and muscle memory like how a top sports athlete operates.

I knew about a top 7-figure producer whose main prospecting method is to send out more than 10,000 flyers per month in a strategic targeted manner to her focused areas.

She learnt how to build up her brand and her face is well-known in her estate. (Perhaps even more memorable than grassroots leaders there!)

In her case, she will never face the problem of "lacking leads" as long as she keeps up with her routine.

While traditional marketing may cost alot and not appeal to everyone, it still works today and shouldn't be dismissed just because it is an "old school" way.

Results are all that matters.

As for me, I have chosen to focus on a digital path with a large number of articles with strong search engine optimization in order to find viewers like you.

The digital path appeals to me as their benefits stack and are more enduring than printed content.

But of course, do both if you can manage multiple methods of generating leads.