Why I Took On Leadership and Team Building?

Updated: Mar 26

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Is a career in team building and leadership suitable for you?

Over the past few months of being a lot more active in writing, I have found unexpected joy in reconnecting with old friends who have reached out to me and made a few new ones who stopped by and gave me an encouraging word or two on how they enjoyed reading my musings about life and property.

You know who you are and thank you very much for the kind words and for reading my blog.

A few kind investment bloggers have also graciously helped me to share my writings with their readers and i would like to say a very big thank you to Derek of TheFinance.sg, Andrew of Propwise.sg, Gerald of SGWealthBuilder.com, Kyle and Ryan of 99.co and Royston Tan of SGInvestbloggers.com and NewAcademyOfFinance.com!

To me, this blog is my attempt at sculpting something that I will be proud of and look back upon someday - kind of like my version of an art piece as I can't draw or paint to save my life.

Hence, I have spent a lot of time editing it, choosing the right images and improving on it from time to time late into the nights.

And I'm pretty glad that since I bought my domain name (Which I resisted for years as it seemed narcissistic but which I eventually overcame) in March 2019, traffic has grown from zero to presently 4,000 visitors a month and growing.

Perhaps someday, i will get paid for ads on my site while lounging and replying to readers' comments while travelling the world! How nice...... the thought. Nothing's impossible.

new zealand lake
NZ - One of our favourite destinations

One of the common questions i have been asked is what exactly i do nowadays?

Am I still brokering deals as a real estate agent or am I purely into training and management now?

Well, the answer is both.

These days, I focus a lot more of my day on management, training and mentoring roles.

Although I still enjoy the occasional brokering of deals, I derive a lot more satisfaction from making the people around me perform and become better (Or what I term as giving them good pressure! = ))

Fortunately, I have capable and reliable right hand women and men who help me with the execution of deals when i consult for clients that I take on.

Truly, thank God for them as I won't be able to juggle as many balls in the air without their help.

So for the record. Yes, I am still able to help you with your housing and investment needs.


This week, instead of investment, I thought I would talk a little bit about life - in particular career fulfilment in what we do. (This was partly due to your kind message Reuben! Just so you know!)

Hence, I'll share my thoughts on why I took on leadership and team building since 2010; instead of a much quicker way to riches by focusing on sales.

In a blink of an eye, it was 10 years ago that I decided to focus on training and mentoring.

I am, by my definition, not a natural leader but a learned one.

How did that decision to embark on management come about and why am I doing what I do today?

Whether you are in real estate sales or not, I hope that this article helps you find a new perspective if you are at a crossroads in your life about taking on a leadership role.


How it all started