Are Early Bird Discounts At New Launches Genuine Or A Marketing Gimmick? (Updated)

early bird discounts at new launches
Does the early bird get the worm? Or will the 2nd mouse be getting the cheese?

Hello there!

And I hope you're coping well with Phase 2!

As we ramp up for the weekend, my team is reporting a flurry of activities from the ground as property buyers and upgraders resume their physical viewings and visit the show flats of purchases they have made through virtual viewings over the last 2 months.

Anecdotal stories I have come across point to a common revelation - that many whom have worked from home during circuit breaker, have found their homes either too small or not conducive for a prolonged work from home culture and are seeking options in case a 2nd wave returns.

Hence, realtors are experiencing a very busy weekend ahead and hopefully make up for the lost months of income.

Of the many questions I get from my readers and recently addressed on CNA93.8FM, this is one that has been repeated frequently enough that deserves a post of its own.