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Committed to Inspiring Change


Managing Partner of NAVIS
Executive Group District Director at Huttons

In my 16 years in the real estate industry, I have become known for my ability in mentoring agents and team leaders, serving property investors across the globe and grooming many shining stars within the industry. It is a natural inclination that I lean toward in my property career and I thoroughly enjoy bringing out the best in people. 

I chanced upon the world of property to solve family financial difficulties and believe that my journey has helped me acquire wisdom and empathy for people caught in similar situations.

Having been a new agent before, I know how it feels to be lost and directionless. Fortunately, through my own journey, I have developed several sales, marketing and branding systems that help agents and leaders achieve optimum and lasting results organically. 

While focusing on property sales, I have achieved consistent Top 10 Monthly Achiever, Manager and Annual awards and through mentoring my agents, have helped many achieve even greater results. 

Today, I still actively consult for investors and handle their property buying and selling needs with the help of a team, while leading a great bunch of more than 1200 agents in Navis Living Group (Huttons) in their training, growth and development as leaders and property wealth planners.


Whether You're An Agent or Client - If You Are Willing, I Can Help You Realise Your Fullest Potential

Be Constantly Evolving & Adapting

My proven system in coaching top property agents will help you attain greater breakthroughs in your sales and team building.


Effective sales strategies involve a series of steps, that when done consistently, will provide measurable success.


The challenge is not just in guiding one to follow the steps but to help them unlock their fullest potential that they might not even realise exists.

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Leading By Example Is The Only Way

My proven formula in grooming leaders and top realtors will help you maximise your leadership abilities and bring your team building career to a higher level in Singapore's real estate industry.

Most salespeople are trained to be great doers but are not trained on being great managers or business owners.

I can guide you in scaling your business systematically by building a strong brand and leads generation funnels to give you a strategic moat and passive income in the long run.

real estate mentorship career


To impress, we can come from far. To impact, we have to go near.

I invest quality time with my agents and clients to understand their challenges and help them achieve clarity of understanding. Sessions can be as straightforward as guiding them on their next steps or as complex as coaching them in finding answers within their deeply held beliefs and values. These sessions have helped many of them achieve improved results in their career and investments.


Real Estate Agent Career Mentorship


The Only Constant In Life Is Change. The NAVIS Experience Is Nurturing & Always Evolving.


In NAVIS, we are ONE big family. We believe in being sincere towards one another, and in appreciating the strengths of each individual. Whether you are an experienced agent, waiting for your real estate license or going through your RES Course, enjoy working in a brilliant, supportive and fun real estate agency environment.

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Our Proprietary mobile app, Link Up, will save hours off your daily real estate prospecting and marketing activities and multiply your productivity.


Soar in your real estate career by automating routine tasks. Find out more about NAVIS & Huttons technology!

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As the co-founder of Navis Living Group, NAVIS Academy, creator of Advisory Sales Masterclass and Property Wealth Planning, you will have direct access to my insights and personal consultations that will bring clarity and results to your investments and career in real estate. My wide range of expertise in branding, sales, social media and digital marketing will make you the next shining star! 

Real Estate Agent Career




Senior Division Director

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

Founder of

In Real Estate, there are 2 key growth paths - Sales and Leadership. Many people can excel at Sales, but not at Leadership. And vice versa.

The great thing about Stuart is that he is one of those rare souls who manage to gently balance both Sales & Leadership.

From the very first meeting, he struck me as a person who is authentic, kind and a deep thinker. He possess extensive experience in the market and regularly shares his knowledge, insights and foresight of trends as well as how best to support a wide spectrum of clients.

As a leader, he is generous, encouraging and has a deep understanding for human nature. With his patient mentorship, I have been getting good insights on how to best grow and groom my team.


He has been the best guide and catalyst for me to develop my leadership capacity and capabilities.

I definitely look forward to growing with NAVIS for the many years to come! =D


Senior Associate Group District Director

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd Real Estate Agency

Consistent Top Monthly SGDD Award Winner

200%+ Team Growth in 6 months

A man with forward thinking, embraces change and leads by example. This man is none other than Stuart Chng, someone that is full of passion in his work & dedicate full time to his division and NLG.


The lighter side of him is a jovial & cheeky friend. It is indeed our privilege & honour having him steering my team & me towards greater heights and break out of our comfort zones.

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Associate District Director

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

Consistent Top Agent

I have been a long way with Stuart, more than 8 years through my property career.


He is my mentor since day 1 and will always remain. I believe all real estate managers will be able to provide the same teachings and strategies but what makes him different is his loving care and concern, going beyond just mentoring but to ensure our hearts are well taken care of.


He will also go the extra mile to motivate and encourage us to do much more and consistently nurture our minds along the way.

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