The Rise of Brands In The Real Estate Industry (What You Need To Do Now If You Are A Realtor)

Updated: Mar 26

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Branding will no longer be constrained to the domains of large firms.

An important read for all real estate agents.

This is an excerpt from one of our trainings recently on the rise of brands in our industry and how we need to embrace and change now to continue staying relevant and competitive for the next 10-15 years.


Dear fellow elites,

the next 3 years are crucial years for you to build a brand of your own that will help you overcome the constant grind of prospecting & inject longevity into your business.

What I have observed is the rise of Brands in the real estate industry. Some, growing even bigger than the names of their agencies in a short span of 2 years.

"What is happening cannot be prevented."

Anyone today has access to the means of creating their own broadcast channel with unlimited reach to eyeballs globally.

Gone are the days where we rely on the branding of agencies to help consumers familiarise with us and build trust.

It is crucial today that you and I begin building our own brands that will provide us with an automatic leads generation funnel and give us a strategic moat in the long term.

To be honest, it will not be easy.

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Start building your brand today for sustainability in the long term

Many of us have the ability to sell & have real estate domain knowledge. Not many though have the required skill sets to build brands and businesses.

The leaders of NAVIS know this and we will be taking active steps to empower you each step of the way.

The faster ones among you will have to lead the way for the rest and inspire them with your successes to be modelled after.

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Great brands inspire trust and loyalty

Now you may be asking how does a brand help me?

- Isn’t OrangeTee and NAVIS already brands that I can rely on?

- Why should I take steps to do this now?

Here's why:

1. If you’ve been in this industry for awhile now, think back on some of the famous and successful agents you know when you first started out.

Are they still around? Chances are many are not; or are no longer already known or doing well.

Those who are still doing well today, typically have 1 trait apart from being hardworking.

And that is - A Strong Brand.

2. Our industry is fast-paced and