8 Habits That Will Hurt Your Real Estate Career (The 4th One Is The Worst)

8 Habits That Will Hurt Your Real Estate Career
Awareness and constant tweaking of these habits will help you attain greater success

As every real estate agent knows, success in this career is never an easy task.

It is paramount that you continuously put in your best effort and provide the top notch service to your clients.

Over the years, I have witnessed many successes and mistakes (and even made a few myself) and can easily narrow it down to a few major points that are common.

To reach your fullest potential as a successful real estate agent, having the awareness of these common bad habits will help you cultivate behaviours that aid you in growing your real estate career quickest!

Enough said, let's jump in!

1. Not Managing Your Schedule Tightly

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Learn to say no to people and distractions

Having flexible working hours is one of the best things of being a real estate agent.

However, it can easily be one of the worst things too if you do not know how to take control of your own schedule and let your emotion or mood take over.

With this kind of freedom, some real estate agents get distracted easily and spend their time on things that are irrelevant to their work such as surfing social media sites, having long breaks and whiling time away on unproductive tasks.

Successful real estate agents usually have their schedule well-planned and focus on using every minute of their day productively. Even rests are penciled in.

They know beforehand what is to be done for the day and the tasks that they have to prioritise.

Plan your schedule properly and set a target for yourself on how many appointments you should fulfil on a weekly basis and crosscheck with your mentor or peers to discuss your progress.

Save distractions such as social media browsing (Unless you are doing marketing work) for after you have accomplished what you set out to do for the day.

Delayed gratification always requires self-control but sets aside the successful ones and the struggling ones.

2. Talking More Than Listening

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Listening to the client and asking the right questions are always preferred

This is one of the most common bad habits of real estate agents and some even believe that being a good real estate salesperson involves talking on and on.

While it is important to introduce the key features, advantages and benefits (F.A.B) of a property to clients, not actively listening and responding to their questions and concerns is a major turn off.

If you miss any vital information from your clients or fail to observe their body language well, it will impact their ability to trust that you are looking out for their best interests.

After all, your clients are the ones entrusting you with their business and they would want to feel heard and valued.

Make sure to pay attention to what your clients say and ensure you listen with both your heart and your mind.

The wisest and greatest sales person is one who asks the right questions, listens and observes intently and speaks only when needed.

3. Slowness In Responding To Clients

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Responding like a sloth will cause your sales to be equally slow.

While you are not expected to respond to calls or texts within seconds, do your best to be prompt and responsive during working hours.

People today have access to information at their fingertips and any delays in replying means the client might end up enquiring with someone else.

Responsive sales people often answer their calls right away during their working hours as it is the best time to speak when a client is enquiring at their peak interest state.

This also helps them save time and effort as there is no need to call back later.