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Updated: Jul 19

NAVIS Huttons Real Estate New Agents Training Programmes
Soar In Your Career With Advanced and Accelerated Real Estate Training

As a part of NAVIS and Huttons, you get to access highly acclaimed and advanced training programmes and courses led by top producers and veteran leaders themselves.

Let's take a look at both Huttons and NAVIS Training Master Plans followed by a summary of each of our courses.


Huttons Training Road Map 2022

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Huttons Training Road Map

Benefit from the wide range of training programmes anchored by Huttons top agents and leaders.

With thousands of hours of free training programmes each year, you can be assured of breakthrough sales by learning and applying what you pick up from our experienced and practicing trainers.

Spanning basic to advanced salesmanship and training, negotiation skills, project marketing and digital marketing to financial calculations and presentation skills, Huttons Training Roadmap ensures that agents are optimally trained and ready for all situations they will meet with in the field.

huttons up sprint up digital up leadership up growth training
The 3 pillars of fundamental skill sets for all realtors

The Huttons Training Roadmap comprises of UP Digital that covers core digital marketing skillsets, UP Sprint for new real estate salespeople, Up Growth for experienced agents looking to upgrade themselves and UP Leader for aspiring team leaders who are looking to scale the heights of a leadership path.


NAVIS Training Master Plan

NAVIS huttons Real Estate Agent Training Roadmap
Learn, grow and develop holistically in your career and personal development

Our in-house carefully curated training master plan comprises more than 190 hours of in-depth training that is holistic, highly interactive and involves role-plays, presentations and financial calculations.

Lessons are never boring and theoretical so as to engage you and allow you to hone your skills well in the safety of a classroom setting.



There are more than 100 hours of free training topics that range from real estate lead generation, policies & procedures to negotiations, financial calculations and closing skills.

Paid courses are optional and only so when external venue rental, food and beverages and logistics are required.