Doing Prospecting For Your Real Estate Business? Here Are 10 Truths To Guide You.

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How should you look at the topic of prospecting?

Many years ago when I started out in real estate, the word prospecting generated many negative connotations for me.

It reminded me of doing door to door sales, active cold-calling, joining breakfast clubs, networking groups, exchanging lots of business cards and a lot of other superficial activities with the only intention of generating a sale or getting referrals for a sale.

Well, it's not like I had not done it before as I was a telemarketer for an ERA agent in my polytechnic years, and had done my fair share of door to door sales and road shows prior to joining the real estate industry.

Still, it wasn't as if prospecting was a really enjoyable task. It just had to be done.

Prospecting = hunting for prospects.

It was a chore that must be done if I did not want to "eat grass" that month. Moo.

But after doing sales in one way or another for years and with many digital platforms available today, the term prospecting has taken on a new meaning.

What are the new distinctions that I discovered since then?

Here are 10 of them: