6 Marketing Strategies That Property Agents Today Must Know (The last one is my fav)

Updated: Mar 26

marketing methods that property agents should know
Traditional marketing methods have long gone out of the window. Are you keeping up with where eyeballs are today?

One of the biggest changes you’ll face in a real estate career is having to handle your own prospecting and marketing.

Unlike when working for a company, there isn’t a marketing department that hands you leads, continually engage clients, conceptualize and put out interesting content on social media, or test and track your campaigns.

The good news is, you don’t have to become an expert in marketing mixes and above or below-the-line media.

You can obtain solid results by just learning one or more of the following tactics:


Don’t try to master all of these at once.

It’s better to focus, and build an in-depth knowledge of one method at a time.

If you’re really good in just one area, that is okay too!

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing can take a while to gain traction, but it can potentially reach a massive audience for a low monetary cost.

Content marketing is a form of soft sell marketing; it relies on the creation of digital assets such as articles, videos, infographics, etc., to spread awareness and knowledge.

While its ultimate goal is to lead customers to you, the branding is seldom explicit.


- Writing articles on your website and LinkedIn about your outlook and opinions on the real estate market for the next quarter

- Creating an infographic to show the steps in applying for a HDB Loan

- Recording a video interview with a famous architect

- Writing reviews or recording video reviews of new projects or even resale condominiums

Very successful content marketers can even make money off the content itself; for example, if you have a large following of several hundred thousand (or even millions) of viewers, you may just get paid to create the content.

Video hosting platforms like YouTube may even pay you for the views or embed ads into your videos if there's high traffic coming in.

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