Considering A Mid-Career Switch To Real Estate? Here Are 5 Things You Must Know

Updated: Jul 19

real estate career switch

You might be considering making the switch to become a real estate agent. Here's what you need to know from Stuart Chng, Executive Group District Director of Huttons Group.

As the trend of the Great Resignation appears in headlines, you are wondering whether you should do the same.

Managing my own real estate team for more than 11 years, I have my fair share of experience onboarding new agents to this industry.

In the corporate world, you might have built some skillsets that can be brought over to self-employment.

For instance, you have excellent interpersonal skills, good salesmanship and perhaps some digital IT skills.

But before you make the leap to give up a regular salary with benefits, ensure you are financially and mentally ready first.

Here are 5 things you must take into serious consideration first.

#1. Prepare Your Finances

This is something that you have to take the time prepare well. If you are married, have a serious discussion with your spouse especially regarding how to manage your expenses.