Branding Ideas for The Modern Real Estate Agent (2020)

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

branding marketing for real estate agents
Brands help you attract; not prospect for life.

One of the best ways to do personal branding is to merge your passions & career together (Yes there are multiple benefits to this approach!).

Branding yourself with just property topics is just too flat and one dimensional in today’s era where people are mostly on social media & consuming content that is either educational or entertaining!

What you need to start doing is to brand yourself together with what you enjoy.

For example,

If you are an avid trekker, you may brand yourself as the #TrekkingRealtor

Like to fish? How about #TheFishingRealtor

Love golfing? #GolfingRealtor

Marathons? #TheMarathonRealtor

Volunteering? #RealtorWithAHeart

Biking or Cycling? #BikingRealtors

NAVIS Travels off road dirt bike riding real estate agents
Off-Road Dirt Biking with NAVIS! (Okay.. we were just posing.. we were just pillion riders)

Yoga? #OneFlexibleRealtor

Love Cooking? #ChefRealtor

Love Eating? #FoodieRealtor

A musician? How about #HardRockRealtors or #RealMusicians?

Zumba? #ZumbaXHomes

You get the drift...

Now why and how does this benefit you?

1st, since it’s a passion of yours, you get to showcase your talent/passion through posting photos; videos of what you always do (or rekindle that passion!)