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What topics are covered in the RES Course & Exam Syllabus (2023)?

topics in res course exam syllabus huttons

Preparing for the RES exams?

Here is a summary of the current RES examination syllabus that was revised and took effect from 1 Jan 2017. 

The curriculum and materials for the Real Estate Salesperson course offered by CEA Approved Course Providers must align with the examination syllabus endorsed by CEA.

This syllabus is designed with the local laws, regulations, and practices related to estate agency work and the buying, selling, and leasing of HDB flats and private residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore in mind.

RES Exams Paper 1

Competency Unit 1: Real Estate Agency Industry Overview & Basic Land Law Concepts

Real Estate Agency Industry Overview 1.1 Real estate markets and submarkets 1.2 Real estate market players and government intervention

Basic Land Law Concepts 1.3 Introduction 1.4 Land 1.5 Estates in land 1.6 State Lands Act 1.7 Rights in another’s land 1.8 Registration of titles

Competency Unit 2: Dealing with Interest in Land

2.1 Law of Contract 2.2 Law of Agency 2.3 Landlord and tenant law 2.4 Negligence 2.5 Conveyance inter vivos 2.6 Mortgage 2.7 Gift 2.8 Trust 2.9 Succession 2.10 Future interests 2.11 Co-ownership 2.12 Restrictions on capacity to hold land 2.13 Planning and development of land

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RES Exam Paper 2

Competency Unit 3: Regulation of Real Estate Agency Industry & Real Estate Marketing

3.1 Regulation of real estate agency industry 3.2 Role and functions of salespersons and their requisite knowledge and skills 3.3 Principles of real estate marketing 3.4 Types of listing 3.5 Methods of sale 3.6 Regulations on advertisements 3.7 Marketing of residential property 3.8 Marketing of commercial property 3.9 Marketing of industrial property 3.10 Marketing of special properties 3.11 Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

Competency Unit 4: Property Transactions

4.1 Sale of uncompleted private properties 4.2 Sale of completed private properties 4.3 Collective sale of private properties 4.4 Sale of HDB flats 4.5 Leasing of private properties 4.6 Subletting of HDB flats 4.7 Foreign worker housing 4.8 Taxes on property 4.9 Property finance and financial calculations


RES Course Exam Syllabus
Ensuring quality control in the real estate industry


The objective of the RES Examination is to ensure that new entrants meet the following requirements before they practise as real estate salespersons.


  1. Fundamental knowledge of real estate concepts, market, contract law, agency law, development control, and marketing principles

  2. Knowledge and ability to apply principles of estate agency work, particularly in the handling of the sale and lease of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including title searches, immigration checks, and financial calculations

  3. Understanding and ability to apply ethical principles, relevant laws and regulations, and best practices in estate agency work

  4. Knowledge of current market information and government policies and regulations

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Expectation of Cognitive Levels

The RES examination syllabus provides the desired learning outcomes for each topic of study, and the cognitive levels examination candidates are expected to acquire in each section of the syllabus.

The following are indications to assist candidates to understand the depth of knowledge expected of them:

Level 1 - Remembering: At this level, candidates are familiar with the basic terminology and concepts of the laws, rules, regulatory requirements, and procedures. They should be able to recognize, list, define, describe, or name these terms and concepts.

LEVEL 2 – UNDERSTANDING: Candidates are able to interpret, infer, classify, paraphrase or explain a term or concept in a scenario or case study.

LEVEL 3 – APPLYING: Candidates are able to make use of the knowledge and apply in practical situations. This is exhibited through analysis of their client’s situations and being able to offer professional and accurate advice to their clients.

Level 1 represents the lowest level of cognitive skills. In order to progress to the next level, candidates must first demonstrate mastery of the prerequisite knowledge and skills at lower levels. For example, achieving Level 3 requires the acquisition of thinking skills at Levels 1 and 2.

For the purpose of testing attainment of Level 3 in the RES examination, questions could be asked in a direct manner or based on practical scenarios or case studies.

Prior to taking the RES examination, candidates must complete the RES Course (of at least 50 hours of classroom learning) provided by any of the CEA Approved Course Providers (ACPs).

CEA Approved Course Providers (ACPs) are encouraged to provide learning opportunities that help RES course participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skill sets during the lessons.

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