Can you afford to upgrade to a private property? Read on.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

How to upgrade to a condo with just 7k income?

So, you might have come across many advertisements about HDB upgraders moving to condos and beautiful new projects and yet not spending a cent from their savings.

- Is this possible?

- Is it purely a marketing gimmick?

- Can i afford it if it's true?

Well, the fact & truth is, it IS possible!

But yet many people do not fully understand the process and financial calculations involved and brush it off right away as impossible with their natural cynical reflex.

Are you one of them?

Investing in knowledge pays the most dividend.

What you do not know that you do not know will hurt you more than what you know you do not know.

Yes, read that again. It's not a typo error.

With a household income of $7K and upwards, i have helped homeowners understand their finances & affordability and then smoothly UPGRADE to private properties.

Yes, all without touching their savings.

This is all possible with creative methods of property financing and manner of holding strategies that were born out of the many government measures to curb excessive speculation.

Take note, this is not for everyone and a thorough 6-step financial assessment has to be done before we can find out whether you qualify or not.

It is not my job to tell you only what you would like to hear but to be prudent and forthright to explain all the risks before you make any decision.

Any adviser worth his/her salt is expected to do this to ensure financial prudence.

As an overview, this is what a Property Wealth Planner knows and uses in assessing and proposing any plan of action:

property wealth planning navis

Over the years, i have personally trained thousands of Property Wealth Planners and helped many families with income of $10K and above start owning PASSIVE INCOME generating investment properties on top of upgrading to a private property.