Is The Singapore Real Estate Market On The Cusp Of A Recovery? (Updated)

are property prices going down?
Private properties and HDBs have both seen a gain in prices in the last few months. What's going on?

First posted: 1 Oct 2020

Hello blog fans!

Thank you for your concern about why I stopped writing for a month plus now!

A lot has happened in the past month and amidst my hectic schedule, I have resumed actively trading short and long positions in the US stock market (Which is ALOT more rewarding than the STI) and finally found a property worth investing in after months of scouring the market for great deals and getting rejected many times by deep pocketed property sellers!

Some might think I'm mad to invest in the middle of COVID, but well, I am pretty certain of the dots I have joined based on local and global trends, and am putting my money where my mouth is, or as Nassim Taleb would call it, having skin in the game.

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So in a flash, we are near the 10th month of a momentous 2020.

Since COVID entered our world, global markets, predictions and hopes for a better future were all but dashed.

Market sentiments were at all time lows not too long ago and since then, stock markets and main street saw a drastic divergence in fortunes with investors making huge returns on their portfolios while average employees worry about their jobs and incomes.

My heart goes out greatly to those affected by this crisis whom are forced to change quickly and necessarily to keep up. It is not an easy shift to remain gainfully employed and I hope that you remain resilient in spirit as you go through this.

As in my earlier article, 5 Ways For Property Owners To Tide Through Crises, if you know someone who needs help and needs pro bono advice or help with their properties, drop me a note through my contact page and I'll be happy to guide them through the options at their disposal.

Although many think that the world will never be the same again in some aspects, a COVID vaccine on the horizon will definitely bring back the crowds and jobs and incomes will certainly recover.

For no amount of technology can replace the need for physical experiences like travel and socializing and there will always be demand for them even with the rise of technology like Zoom and virtual reality.

So, have faith that the future is just as bright as before, albeit with a temporal pause to let us catch our breath and enjoy the things that we see only when we slow down.

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