Is Paying Down Your Home Loan By Cash Or CPF A Better Option Today?

should i pay down my housing mortgage loan with cash or cpf?
Cash or CPF? The perpetual debate between using both sources of financing for your housing loan

Hello there!

It's been awhile since I wrote as life became alot busier recently since Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker.

To begin, I hope you are happy with the overall election results regardless of which side you are on.

The last 2 weeks seemed to have distant our fellow countrymen quite a bit and it is time to set aside differences, let our nation's psyche heal and focus on getting through the storm together.

Even if we disagree with some of the policies of the ruling party today, we must now rally behind the very people who are working for Singapore's and consequently our future even if they are imperfect at times (Who isn't anyway?).

Singapore property market trend outlook
Majulah Singapura - I may complain about our country from time to time but I always count my lucky stars to be born here.

Aside from the elections hype, the month of June and 1st half of July has been incredible for my team as we had expected.