5 Ways For Property Owners To Tide Through Crises (Updated)

5 Ways to Tide Through Difficult Times Using Your Property
Find out how your property can serve as your lift raft during tough times.

So it's been awhile since the 1st COVID-19 case touched down on our shores.

Sadly, many lives have been lost around the globe, and many more livelihoods affected.

At this point in writing, perhaps no end is yet in sight and only God knows where we will be when this storm finally passes us.

These days, the media is covered in nothing much of interest more than COVID related news; politics has taken a back seat, trade war and bitter disputes between rival nations are on hiatus and perhaps the only good thing out of this is that everyone around the world, regardless of status, wealth, nationality and race are united in a common cause to beat the pandemic.

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Slow down humans.. My way is higher than yours

Perhaps it is a divine way to wake us up to our excesses and sins, to put us in our place and to restore what should be most important in our lives - our health, our family and our community.

The services of those in underappreciated roles in society such as cleaners, drivers, front-line service staff, supermarket employees, security, deliverymen etc are the very on