Time Tested Strategies To Profit From Real Estate Investment In A Crisis

Opportunities To Profit From Real Estate In A Crisis COVID-19
Are there really gold mines amidst the current market situation?

Posted: 5 April 2020

Let's talk about something positive for a change!

Yeah, like finally!

It's been 2+ months since the coronavirus hit our shores and since then, the days have been gloomy, the atmosphere tepid and our survival instincts keeping us tuned towards the slightest sniffle or cough even in the distance.

Our overly enthusiastic colleagues bombard us hourly in multiple chat groups with the latest in COVID updates; prompting us to wonder why they have never exhibited this sort of enthusiasm in their work before.

But enough is enough. It's time we called a stop to what we are feeding our minds daily. Garbage in, garbage out.

By now, we know enough of the dangers, the precautionary measures and the odds of dying. What else do we really need except to fill the void that our insatiable minds crave?

So it's time, and I say it with gravitas, that we look ahead while keeping safe, and IMAGINE the possibilities that this once in 10-12 years kind of black swan event, is bringing us.

That golden era we have been complaining for ages that we missed out on, when HDB flats were only $40,000 each and a bungalow in Holland costed only $1M - Our parents time,