12 Tips To Select A Good Unit At A New Launch Project

how to choose a good new launch investment property

When investing in new projects, it is easy to be wowed by the beautiful showrooms with themed interior designs and designer furniture.

After all, there is never an ugly showflat when millions have been poured into them.

When attending a project preview for the 1st time, it can be overwhelming to juggle the multiple assault on the senses with the hyped up crowd, elevated noise levels and adrenaline-filled showroom.

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Keep calm and breathe. Take some quiet time out of the showflat to think if you must.

With conditions like this, it is important to arm yourself with a checklist and ample space to think before narrowing down on a choice of unit.

Despite the oft-used (But sometimes true) sales pitch: "Someone is also looking at the unit and you got to hurry..", there's no shame or loss taking time to make better-weighed decisions.

"Better an opportunity loss with cash in hand, than a rushed decision and long term regret."

If you have never bought a new launch property, you may not know what exactly to look out for.

Hopefully, you make it through this article and begin your journey towards being a savvy and well-informed new launch project investor!

Let's roll..

Differences between New Launch Buyers vs Resale Property Buyers

New launch buyers need alot more imagination, visualisation skills and faith about how the end product would turn out, the facilities design, views, space and overall feel of the property.

They would not be able to tell for certain, factors such as the ventilation level, brightness within the unit, ambient noise level and overall feel of the completed product.

Resale buyers on the other hand, have the benefit of seeing, touching, hearing and feeling all aspects of the property in person and can make easier comparisons and decisions as a result.

Alas, not every new launch buyer is blessed with great visualisation skills or knowledge and that's where the following tips would come in handy.

Tip 1: Identifying the Premium Facing Units

In most new projects, there are multiple blocks and facings. Developers usually site their larger bedrooms layouts within the most premium facings.

For example: 4 and 5 bedrooms have the best pool views in Parc Centros compared to most of the smaller units there.

This is where studying the showflat model, site plan and doing map to ground comparisons are very important.

+ Check if the location of the showflat is on the actual site. Yes! It's common that showflat locations are not on actual sites so ALWAYS ASK just to be sure.

Premium views typically consist of unblocked views whether overlooking a quiet and peaceful landed estate, lush greenery, the vibrant city skylines or tranquil sea and pool views. They come with a premium price tag too so you have to decide whether it is a good to have or a necessity.

Side story: I have a friend who did not mind buying a home facing the wall of a neighbouring block as their living habits consisted mainly of closed curtains and minimal view requirements.

That saved them a significant sum of money which they invested into their interiors and reaped the most bang for buck.

This made the most sense for them but would it suit everyone?


It may not always be easy to visualise what views you will enjoy and hence, always:

Ask for visuals which the developer or agent might have captured from drone footages or before the buildings on site were torn down.

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Views overlooking a low rise landed enclave mean there's a lower chance of blockage in the future.

Also important is to personally walk the site, do a map to ground comparison through www.OneMap.sg or go up to a high building nearby to have more certainty of the expected views.

+ As an additional precaution when choosing an unblocked facing unit, i also