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Property Wealth Planning Consumer Investment Seminar by Stuart Chng

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

property investment seminar singapore
Yes, it's happening. I heard you and found the time!

Did you miss my Property Wealth Planning Webinar?

Catch up on what was presented in this video below and remember to register for my mailing list (In footer) if you would like to be informed of the next seminar with other topics covered!


Event Details:

I've received many requests over the past months to do a live Zoom session and hear you!

Hence, I will be holding an inaugural Property Wealth Planning Consumer Investment Seminar this Saturday 19th Dec 11am on Zoom to help you better understand where the market is heading and what options you have as a new property investor or a multiple property owner.

There will be no sales pitches at the end (Or anywhere in between for that matter!) so don't worry about that.

Register for my seminar and join me then to find out more about the following topics!


Are We On The Cusp Of A Real Estate Market Bull Run?

If you've read my recent article on this topic (, this session is an update with a deeper dive on the fundamentals that are driving the market and what we can expect moving forward.

Topics that will be covered.

- What is the market outlook for 2021?

- Where should you focus on to seize investment opportunities in the property market?

- 5 Indicators That Savvy Investors Use To Time Their Entry

- Which indicators are we seeing today and how will they affect your upgrading/investment plans?

- What specific actions can you take to seize full advantage of upcoming opportunities

Who is this suitable for?

This seminar is suitable for those who want to know what options they have with their current property portfolio, make highly informed decisions on upcoming investments and understand their probability of seeing returns in the next 3-4 years.

I will cut through the noise and analyse leading indicators in the global and local market with references to historical financial crises and point out similarities and dissonances.

**Attendees will also receive a free E-Book of the top investment options in Singapore’s real estate market today (Filtered through hundreds of current projects).

Time & Date:

Dec 19th 2020

11:00-12:00 Singapore Time

Sign Up Link:

Hope to see you then! 🍻😊


Stuart Chng, Senior Associate Executive Director of OrangeTee & Tie, is a renowned leader and personality in the real estate industry.

He adores music and can play a few instruments decently without upsetting his neighbours. When not doing so, he enjoys pillow fighting with his son and coming up with silly puns which barely amuses his wife.

Professionally, he is a licensed real estate agent, an avid stocks, options and real estate investor, business owner, team leader, speaker and columnist for several property newsletters and blogs and is often quoted in media interviews on 938FM, Channel 8, PropertyReport, PropertyGuru and other publications.

Throughout his career, he has helped many clients grow their wealth through selecting great property investments and managing their portfolios actively. Read his clients' reviews here.

Stuart has also coached many top million dollar producing agents from different real estate agencies in Singapore. Read his agents' reviews here.


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