When Is It The Right Time To Enter The Property Market? (Updated)

is it the right time to invest in a property buy

Hello again and I hope you have been coping well the past week at home!

For those of you on the front lines or in the essential services sector, thank you for keeping our economy functioning so that we can still get our food and groceries to comfort ourselves!

In the past weeks, a few of my blog readers have reached out to me with this question after reading Time Tested Strategies To Profit From Real Estate In A Crisis.

It was a pleasure meeting some of you on Zoom calls to discuss your plans and options for upgrading and investments, and i hope our sessions provided you with clarity on strategy, maximum financing options and ABSD tax savings methods.

If you are one of those who's waiting out for a good buy in today's market, congratulations. You're one of those with dry powder and will be able to make full use of this once in a decade opportunity to get a better than market deal.

With so much going on in the news today, I hope to provide you some clarity about how to go about next as it can get overwhelming to follow all the corona virus related news in the media.


When Is The Right Time To Enter The Property Market?