A Real Estate Agent's Guide To Virtual Viewings, Creating Simple Videos & E-Signing Documents

Download your two free PDF guides at the bottom of this article
Download your 3 free PDF guides at the bottom of this article

Hello there, and if you are a realtor, i hope you've been coping fine the past 2 months!

It certainly hasn't been easy on our minds and pockets to stay long hours indoors and transact alot less volume than before.

Gladly, we are seeing a return to normalcy and hopefully, the worst has past.

In this article, i will provide you with the steps to take to conduct virtual viewings smoothly, create free simple videos quickly and e-sign your documents easily!

Download your two free PDF guides at the end of this article!
Transforming realtors in this modern era is what we do in NAVIS!

Prior to COVID-19, the real estate world of leads generation and marketing has been drastically changing.

Where news paper ads were once the medium of choice for real estate listings, it was transcended by online portals and now, more than ever, by push marketing via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube among others.

With real estate being a high value physical product that usually warrants in person inspections, virtual reality simulations and listing videos had their limitations in just being another medium of exposure.

Fast forward today, and it's relevance cannot be more important to us and consumers.

In April and May, despite the closure of all show-flats and restrictions on real estate viewings, 277 new homes and 309 resale properties were sold.

How did this happen in spite of the lock down?

Enter the new norm of real estate purchases - Virtual Viewings

With brand new homes, we can easily comprehend why watching videos and virtual walk-throughs would suffice - the show-flats are highly adorned and will look far from what we get at TOP anyway (Except maybe the bathrooms and kitchens).

Hence, it makes perfect sense for new homes, that come with warranties, to be sell-able during lock downs.

With homes on the resale market however, the story can't be further from this.

Resale homes come in as is condition with all its inherent characteristics, from stains in the floor to leakages in the ceilings, and no warranties are provided.

Hence, realtors who have adapted to new ways of selling have sought to allay the fears of buy