My Struggle With A Blocked Nose (To Op Or Not To Op)

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

sinus surgery polyps deviated septum swollen turbinate
No one likes to go under the knife.. But this is why I did so and the process.

So a week plus ago I had my septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery to put an end to my blocked nose (which I originally thought was sinus issues) and interestingly, found out that it is a more common problem in Singapore than I thought.

Some readers who are following my FaceBook updates came to know about this and many similar questions were fielded to me by both friends and fans.

So, I'll go completely off topic this time round to share about my surgery experience which hopefully helps some of you take that leap of faith if you are going through the same and sitting on the decision fence, just like I was.

In the past, I had relied on nasal sprays and irrigation netty pots to de-congest my nasal passages but they didn't do much help after awhile.

And in recent months, my blocked nose became worse and I could feel the incremental negative impact it was having on my life, energy level and focus.

I couldn't work or play as hard as I wanted to. It was getting harder to sleep well and often I felt fatigued (and dry mouthed) even right after waking up.

Despite not having done sleep apnea tests, I guess it was because I wasn't getting good quality sleep as a result of unknowingly waking up repeatedly at night to catch deeper breaths or to lubricate my uncomfortably dry mouth with saliva.

Some days, while preparing for bed time, I could feel an acute shortness of breath which was probably due to my compounded shallow breathing or lack of breathing when I get too focused on something.