Singapore Property Market Direction 2H2021 | Consumer Investment Webinar

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Dear readers!

It's been awhile and I've not had the time to add on much to my blog as there's been too much on my plate!

Hopefully you're well and your investments are making you good profits!

If you're still on the fence, unsure what to do with the properties you have on hand or contemplating the options that would be wisest, I suggest you take some time out to watch this webinar I've just held for a closed group of more than 250 investors around the globe.

In this webinar, you will learn about where the market is headed in the 2nd half of 2021 and the opportunities you can still seize in the real estate market today.

Gladly, since my last talk in Dec 2020; many friends and investors have taken action on the highest profit probability properties and profited significantly! 🤩

Discover the possible options even if you’re a 1st-time buyer, upgrader, or investor.

Content covered:

- Macro to micro trends that are giving investors clear signals for the mid term

- Is the risk to reward ratio worthwhile to enter the market today?

- Are further cooling measures likely to happen soon?

- Highest probability of profit projects to invest in today based on NAVIS 7 steps framework To Selecting Great Property Investments

- Smart options for 1st time property buyers, investors and upgraders

And much more!

Speak soon and will write more whenever I can! So much to share so little time.

Take care now!

Stuart Chng


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