Real Estate Agent Career vs Insurance Agent Career - Which is more suitable for you?

Updated: Mar 22

Real Estate career or Insurance Sales Career
Find out more about the similarities and differences of both careers.

A sales job - a challenge some might say, as the average mortal freezes at the idea of cold calling, roadshows or presentations to sell a product or service.

However, sales is an excellent experience that everyone should have in their life.

The courage to walk up to a stranger to strike a conversation or the ability to persuade someone convincingly are skill sets that empower you in all areas of your life.

Shyness and timidity has no place in our soul if we aspire to scale great mountains of achievements.

That said, when it comes to sales careers with unlimited income potential, property and insurance are the two that usually comes to mind.

Among the many choices out there, the real estate and insurance industry stand out as the most popular ones due to the perks of the job, such as having a flexible schedule and being their own boss.

If you are willing to work hard and smart, a lucrative journey awaits, potentially earning you a pretty decent pay-check of five to six-digit commission per month. We have seen this happening many times even for those in their 1st year of business.

And that's well around the pay grade of typical high-earning professionals like lawyers, doctors and C-Level executives who might be decades into their professions.