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A Good Life Philosophy For Self-Employed People

吃亏一点不要緊 (Being taken advantage at times is okay)

A very good & wise friend shared this with me many years ago. Something that has formed part of my philosophy to life and business.

good life philosophy for self-employed people

In our fast-paced and high pressure society, everyone wants something for something.

Especially for self-employed people and businesses, where at times, our time and effort can be taken for granted and we get affected when we feel that "injustice" has been done to us.

Well, having been through all these myself since i started out in sales in 2006, i have learnt to put myself in a more empowered state by accepting that it is okay to be taken advantage of at times.. It doesn't mean we are stupid or gullible.

It means you are a useful person and have something to offer that others need.

And the fact is, most times without first giving, we won't ever find out what possibilities and miracles may materialize in any relationship.

Whether it's giving our time or resources, even if you do not receive something in return financially or in kind, you would have positively impacted someone's life through your insights and usefulness and you just may never know how the stars may align down the road.

Food for thought.

To allow yourself to be taken advantage of isn't necessarily foolishness; giving in to others isn't necessarily stupidity.
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