The Truth About Why People Buy

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The Truth About Why People Buy (A good article by my friend, social media coach & renown sales trainer Eric Feng! Check him out on IG, He’s awesome!)


Are you a champagne lover?

I am not but my friends are.

So last weekend, I got to drink A LOT. Like 10 bottles at least.

We had Moet Chandon.

We had Dom Perignon.

We had Krug.

To me, they taste the same.

My friends will cry sacrilegious if they read this email haha.

The pricing however differs significantly.

A Moet is HKD300.

A Dom Perignon is HKD1500.

A Krug is HKD2500.

So, what are we buying here really?

The taste?

I think not.

I believe what we are buying is the BRAND and the STATUS it brings to us

when we are seen drinking the particular brand.

Now you may think that is superficial but if you look around you, you will realize

that STATUS makes or break the sale.

Almost every choice in life revolves around status – whether you know it or not.

The school you go to.

The car you drive.

The company you join.

The people you hang out with.

Each time we consider your proposal, we ask ourselves:

“Will buying from you make me appear smarter, happier, wealthier, more stylish, more powerful or more attractive?”<