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Presenting a lot but just not closing? This post is for you.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Dear fellow NAVIS elites,

Have you been presenting a lot but just are not closing?

Do you feel like you have studied and know all your product, market & financial knowledge well and yet fail to convert your prospects every time?

Do you sometimes feel disheartened about why others who are less knowledgeable than you can be closing so much more?

Then read this. Cos it’s written for you!

Let’s jump right into it.

Revelation 1

How you make a buyer FEEL is more important than how you make him THINK.

Let it soak.







Have you wondered why celebrities are so popular and influential?

Is it because they made us think? Or is it because they made us FEEL through their music, acting or sportsmen abilities?

Most likely they have made you feel happy, nostalgic, inspired, connected etc through their music or other art forms.

Another example:

Take a minute and think back to the moments of your greatest purchases in life, did you feel that excitement in your heart when you put down that deposit for your car, house, luxury bag, watch etc?

Was it a purely logical decision or did buying meant something deeper to you?

Did buying that bag or watch made you feel like you have arrived?

If it did, that was one of the human needs for Significance.

When you bought your car, apart from significance, did you feel excited about being able to travel anywhere you wanted easily and quickly?

That was a need for freedom. You craved certainty of being able to get to where you wanted on your own, at your own time.

Awareness Point 1:

Your decisions made you FEEL good. They were mostly emotionally driven decisions and not just logically driven.


Awareness Point 2:

The difference between GREAT sales people vs average ones lie in the emotional state they put themselves in when they present.

1. Are you in an excited, empowered & energetic state when you present to prospects?

Or do you have trouble switching on that state and usually speak, present, door knock etc in a monotonous, low-energy state?

Does it matter? Of course!!!

Did you enjoy school lecturers who were dull & monotonous? I bet you didn’t!

Who did you enjoy listening to?

The excited, energetic and enthusiastic ones of course.

Hence, if you’re doing ALOT but yet not getting results, examine honestly how you present.

Ask your peers, upline or DD to help critique you.

Blind spots can be fatal to your career!

If you regurgitate information without getting a prospect excited (whether they show it or not), you’re not gonna get a cheque.

Conviction is delivered through energy displayed through gestures, expressions, intonation and speech volume.

Hence, higher energy sales people will almost always influence better as people stay engaged and FEEL more than THINK when speaking with them.

Which brings me to my next point.


Awareness Point 3:

Great sales people (influencers) make you FEEL. Average ones make you THINK.

Remember this acronym.

F.A.B - Features, Advantages, Benefits.

- This project has a Sky gym (Feature).

- When you workout here, you get to enjoy wonderful views of the city (Advantage).

- Imagine how this energises you when you start your day here in mornings (Benefits).

Most salespeople stop at Fs and As. Great ones ensure they communicate the Benefits at every instance they can.

A Popular Saying: “I may forget what you say; but I will never forget how you make me feel.”


Great sales people use language patterns that help you FEEL the benefits.

Average ones just inform you of the features.

For example:

A. Imagine yourself soaking in this wonderful jacuzzi in the evenings overlooking the peaceful lake (Woodleigh Res)


B. There’s a jacuzzi here that’s overlooking the lake. It’s just for the residents.

The former example brings me to a state of bliss & happiness while the latter merely informs me.


Some of you may feel that this is cheesy. This is so not you. Or come on.. how could this work!


Awareness Point 4:

Know that the world is made up of many types of people. Some are logically driven, some emotionally driven.

For most people though, emotions triumph even if logic make sense.

Hmm.. you may think how is that possible?

Think about your parents.

When was the last time you said “I love you” to them?

Was it some time ago?

Now logic would tell you that you love them and that they will love to hear it from you.

But emotionally we are afraid to say so out of awkwardness & embarrassment about what they would think about us.

Isn’t that emotions prevailing over logic?

How about snacking/smoking/binge watching dramas?

Well, logic would tell you not to over-indulge... but feel good emotions from indulging yourself prevail once again!


So.... to summarise, are you presenting in your most optimal state for igniting prospects trust, confidence and excitement?

If you’re not, time to practise doing so!

Is it possible to learn how to “Switch on” your empowered state?

Yes it is!

You learn it through awareness of your states, what triggers it and changing your habits.

Personally, I have a habit of talking to myself for this reason. (Perhaps you can start doing so too!). I can have unlimited practice and by the time I’m in the thick of the action, I’ll be READY!

Food for your thought.

P.s. If you have trouble learning how to switch on that empowered state, it helps to model after those who can for a start and developing your own style as time passes.

It’s okay to do so!

Everyone learnt what they knew from someone anyway!

P.P.S If the above does not help, attend BRAVE programme!

Part of the programme teaches you how to identify triggers that put yourself in an empowered state and how to switch on this mode anytime you want!

Talk about a superpower! 🤩

Did this article provide you with ideas or inspiration?

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