How Do "No Money Down" Property Investment Deals Really Work?

Updated: Mar 26

How Do "Zero Money Down" Property Investment Deals Really Work?
Are those property seminar ads just a gimmick?

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But really, I do enjoy his "needing" me at this stage and am grateful that we get to spend more time together these days as I know some day I'll be the one who will be seeking for his company instead.

Anyway, you came here to read about how to buy properties with no money down so here are the mechanics and risks of each method.


How To Buy Properties With No Money Down?

There are a couple of ways that this can be achieved ranging from buying properties with built-in profits and gearing up, using other people's funds/names to truly no money down deals that come with other risks.

If you have read my previous post on How To Find Firesale Deals with Built-In Profits in this market, this is part 2 which carries on from there.

If you have not, I recommend that you start from there so that you can follow my train of thought.