Advisory Sales Masterclass - Transforming Real Estate Agents into Confident Advisers

Originally created for their own use, Advisory Sales Masterclass was created by renown industry veterans, portfolio managers of HNWIs and co-founders of Navis Living Group, Stuart Chng and Jackie Mang, to empower their agents to provide creative solutions and sound insights to their clients. They believed that real estate agents needed an Advisory Sales Business Model in order to remain valuable and relevant in an era of rapidly changing consumer habits.

The duo created a powerful and simple to follow system that has helped new and experienced agents transform into confident and competent advisers, achieve breakthrough sales and increase "authority" in their client relationships. Together with a highly respected veteran trainer and top producer, Jeffrey Heng, you will get to learn out of the box techniques and methods through practicals and real life case studies, to give you the edge you need in common real-life scenarios. And equipped with secret presentation decks and scripts, you will become an AUTHORITY in your business and be on your way to closing many more sale deals, just like what many of their graduates has attested to.

Course Contents



• Basic to Advanced Real Estate Financial Literacy

• The Goals For Investing In Different Classes Of Properties

• Avoiding Expensive Mistakes & Saving Clients Thousands Of Dollars 

• Portfolio Advisory System Hands-on Guided Practice

• 11 Mortgage & Portfolio Structuring Techniques 

• Understanding ROE vs ROI

• Real Life Cases of HDB Owners Who Upgrade to Private Homes With No Money Down

• How To Double Your Portfolio In Less Than A Year

• How To Help Clients Double Their Wealth In The Next 5 Years

• How To Get Back 20% Downpayment Within 3 Months 

• How To Free Up Equity For Business, Children's Education Without Selling A Property

advanced real estate training course advisory sales


• Create Zero Money Down Private Property Investments Opportunities Even Today 

• Creative Financing Strategies

• Why Holding On To A HDB Is A Huge Mistake

• Understanding How Loans & Credit Ratings Affect You 

• Identifying Entry, Hold & Exit Signals for Property Investments 

• Create Layers Of Income Protection In Case Of Job Loss

• How to Create A 2nd, 3rd And More Sources Of Passive Income

• Why Using CPF To Pay Your HDB/Private Properties Can Be A Big Mistake

• Guide